Here at PQS Core Manufacturing, we manufacture high quality, readily available and locally sourced paper cores to serve any type of industry in the country. We have been in the business for over a decade and have established solid footing as one of the major suppliers in the paper core industry.

Our Products


Dimension: 1" - 4"(inside diameter) and all sizes

Paper Cores can be made to fit a broad range of products and are made in a diversified range of sizes and thickness depending on the customer’s requirements and the level of protection needed. Our paper cores are sourced from the finest local raw materials and are readily available when our clients need it.

XL Cores

Dimension: 5" - 8"

Industry grade paper cores with extended inside diameters. Our Extra Large paper cores are used in a variety of industries, from shipping and packaging industries to the fields of advertising and architecture.

Slitted Chipboard Rolls

Non-corrugated cardboards that are pressed to form a shape of a roll. We have readily available chipboard rolls of any grade that we can slit based on your needs.

Features of our Products

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